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Jack Lerond

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With over a decade of expertise in the real estate market and a diverse background that spans 30 years in technology sales, I bring a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the world of high-end custom home building. My journey in real estate began 13 years ago when I ventured into property management, renting out my own home while living and working abroad. This experience, coupled with my extensive travels across the U.S. and overseas, has afforded me the opportunity to interact with C-level executives across various sectors including finance, retail, manufacturing, government, logistics, and more. These interactions have honed my ability to communicate effectively, directly, and efficiently, mirroring the expectations of the discerning clientele in the luxury real estate sector.

My transition from technology to real estate was seamless, fueled by a passion for design, construction, and development. I have successfully navigated the full spectrum of the building process, from the initial concept to the final touches on the chimney, encompassing remodeling, new construction, and tear-down/rebuild projects. This comprehensive experience not only allows me to deeply understand the intricacies of luxury property development but also to articulate the unique value of each property to potential clients in a way that resonates with their expectations.

Furthermore, my international experience positions me uniquely to connect with and serve a growing number of overseas investors looking to enter the U.S. luxury real estate market. My firsthand understanding of various cultures enhances my ability to relate to these clients on a personal level, facilitating smoother transactions and fostering lasting relationships.

As your luxury real estate agent, I am committed to leveraging my diverse background, deep industry knowledge, and international experience to deliver unparalleled service to you and your clients. My goal is to ensure that every property not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the most discerning buyers, reflecting the high standards of excellence that define the world of high-end custom home building.

Jack was great to work with and willing to be flexible with us!

— Shanon C.


Fantastic and very knowledgeable realtor! He knows what he is talking about and takes incredible care of his clients!

— Daniel D.


Excellent realtor! He knows how to navigate this competitive market and negotiate the best price. He caught things in the fine print that were critical details of the home and conditions. Although the market was hectic, he encouraged us to wait for the perfect house.

— Laura T.


Found him on Google and with my obnoxious move he helped me with some very sound advice and put me in the right direction. He didn't just tell me standard stuff and send me on my way he did some research across 2 days and contacted me multiple times with updates and more suggestions. Even though I didn't buy through him still has amazing service.

— Donavon B.

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